Just some of the numerous recordings of Ron's songs by leading artists. Click on tracks with a Play icon to hear brief samples.





Ron and Gerry at Marque Studios
Ron and Gerry Shury




Barry, Eddie, Lynsey and Ron at ATV
Barry Blue, Eddie Levy,
Lynsey de Paul and Ron


Geoff, Ron and Gerry at Marque Studios
Geoff Calver, Ron and Gerry

The Fortunes

Storm in a Teacup

Barry Blue
Do You Wanna Dance
Queen of Hearts
Don't Wanna be Blue
Pay at the Gate

Lynsey de Paul
All Night
Storm in a Teacup
Taking it On

Tina Charles
Dance Little Lady Dance
Love Bug
Love Bug Buzzin'
Boogie Round the Clock
Lover Boy
It's Time For a Change of Heart

The Tremeloes
Never In
Storm in a Teacup

Tony Head (In Two Way)
Face in the Window
China Town

The Shadows
Liverpool Days

Sounds Bob Rogers
I Know What it's Like to Love Her
In the Morning
I Hear Sounds

Toni Basil
Do You Wanna Dance

Vanity Fair
Rock and Roll is Back

The Nolan Sisters
Hey What a Day

Everybody's Looking For The Light
Every Silver Lining Has a Cloud

The Pioneers
Roll Muddy River

Del Davis
Sugarloaf Hill

Bill Tarmey
I Need Look No Further Than You

Blue Mink
Five Minute Wonder
61 to 9

Jackie Lee
Inigo Pipkin
Peter Pan
What will I do

Polly Brown

Up in a Puff Of Smoke
Dial L For Love
Love Bug
Dance Little Lady Dance
Am I Losing My Touch
I Surrender
I Need Another Song
Do You Believe in Love at First Sight Love Lovin' You
I'm Saving All My Love
I'm So Glad I Gotcha
Shot Down in Flames
Special Delivery
You're My Number One
Give Me your Word

Toy Dolls

Manhattan Transfer

Sweet Dreams (1970's Duo)
Best of Everything
Hollywood Disco Star
I'm So Glad I Gotcha
Thats the Way How Love Grows

Sweet Dreams (1980's Group)
I'm Never Giving Up
Two Way Mirror
Seventeen Electric

Cliff Richard
Schoom Lamma Boom

The Pearls
Wizard of Love

Petula Clark & Sacha Distel
Taking it On

Lyn Paul
Mamma Don't Wait For Me

Desmond Dekker
It's Got to be So

James Last Orchestra
Do You Wanna Dance
Dance Little Lady Dance

The Rubinoos
Up in a Puff of Smoke

Springfield Revival
Storm in a Teacup
Something out of a Dream

Mac Kissoon
Pure Black Magic Love






Ron and Jimmy Justice
Ron and Jimmy Justice



The Drifters

(Incl. soloists from the group)
Another Kind of Sorrow
A Good Song Never Dies
I'm Not That Kind of Guy
Who's Gonna Love You

Johnny Darrow Moore
(Lead Singer of Drifters - Solo Rcord)
I Still Can't Shake Your Love

Bill Fredericks
(Member of Drifters - Solo Record)
How Can a Rainy Day be Bad

First Choice

Cj & Co
Devil's Gun

Funk Theory

The Real Thing
Stone Cold Love Affair

Hot Cuisine
Dancin Me to Ecstasy
Who's Been Kissing You

Miquel Brown
Am I Losing My Touch
First Time Round

The Three Degrees
Thirty Second Day of December

Jocelyn Brown & Titan
All Strung Out


Dionne Warwick
Do You Believe in Love at First Sight

Redman ftng Missy Elliott
Dat Bitch

Jimmy Justice
English Rose
There's Nothing You Can Do
Funky Music

Leon Ware
Small Cafe
Let Her be a Lady Tonight
You're My World

Geno Washington
Why Did You Do it
My Sweet Lorraine
My Kind of Love is Back in Style Again
Soothe Me

Funk Theory

Jean Terrel Of The Supremes
That's the Way How Love Grows

Jimmy James
You Made Me Love Again
Now That You're Gone

Carl Douglas
Lady Sadie

Anthony Acid
Big Time Disco

Inner Strength
Devil's Gun

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