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Vocalist: Roy Hudd

The Counting Game
Vocalist: Roy Hudd

Pudgy the Pig
Vocalist: Roy Hudd

Elephant Rock
Vocalist: Ron Roker

Vocalist: Ron Roker

Come to the Animal Kingdom
Vocalist: Ron Roker

Dinner with Lion Queen
Vocalists: Clare Torry, Ron Roker

Vocalist: Ron Roker

Sing Along Learning Song
Vocalist: Ron Roker

What will I grow up to be?
Vocalists: Stephanie DeSykes, Ron Roker


Come to the Animal Kingdom Cinderella


Elephantastical!Pudgy the PigElephant RockWhat will I grow up to be?

Ron and The Tremeloes' keyboard player and arranger Joe Gillingham have just written and recorded a series of children's songs with TV, stage & radio performers, notably Roy Hudd O.B.E., the famous comedian, actor, writer and Laurence Olivier Theatre Award winner.

"Roy has recorded three songs for the project and working with him was a fabulous experience" says Ron. "Joe and I have worked with some very talented performers, but Roy was superb. He was word perfect and the fastest one-take performer we have ever known. On top of that he is so naturally funny and is great fun to be around. His knowledge of the music industry and music hall is immense. He had us in stitches retelling some of his stories!"

Roy recorded three songs for the album and changed character for each performance. He is an elephant for Elephantastical, a pig for Pudgy the Pig, and is a wise, old teacher for The Counting Game. Ron is confident that Roy's superb performance will be received with delight by children when they hear him.

Joe's band, The Tremeloes, has recorded the new Have A Happy Birthday song, which features Eleanor Keenan. Clare Torry, who provided the iconic female singing voice on Pink Floyd's album Dark Side of the Moon, has added her golden tones by singing Dinner with Lion Queen. Stephanie De Sykes performs Mirror Mirror and also helped with the writing of the song.

Ron is actively looking for other celebrities to record more of these songs. He and Joe have created videos of their illustrative artwork for the tunes. Ron and Joe are interested in working with TV animators to take this aspect of the project further.

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