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Blame it on the Boogie at iTunes

Blame it on the Boogie by Tony Jackson

Watch this space for links to the new release Celebrate...the Ron Roker sessions.


Two albums of recordings are being made available on Another Planet/RPM and iTunes which were produced by Ron. Tony Jackson was a prolific and talented soul singer who worked with Ron and many others over the years.

Tony was one of the top voices on UK TV and radio jingles singing the praises of various products with songs like “Wonderful World “& “I heard It Through The Grapevine” Yes! The voice behind those now legendary Levi Jeans Ads, was not as everyone thought Sam Cooke or Marvin Gaye but our very own Tony Jackson. He was also the voice behind the major ads using songs such as “On The Wings Of Love” “Come On Over To My Place “ “Yakety Yak” & “ Try A Little Tenderness” Tony was used as a backing singer on session after session for many top producers.

Tony, who sadly recently died, left behind a large legacy of material he had created with Ron as producer, which can be heard on the two new albums being issued by Another Planet/RPM and iTunes the first of which called Tony Jackson Blame It On The Boogie is now avilable for downloading on the iTunes site and the follow up album called Celebrate ...The Ron Roker Sessions.. due for release shortly.

  To be released in early 2009

More Farmyard Crazy!

Link to Dave Benson Phillips Page

COMING SOON! A new album of children's songs featuring the TV star Dave Benson Phillips. This fun new album contains early learning and fun songs from the forthcoming cartoon show Farmyard Crazy animated by Paul Solomons.




Released January 2008
Hear Voodoo Man

Biddu Orchestra
Voodoo Man
(LSB Highway to Delight Supermix)
Skylax Records.

Master of Reality EP


Voodoo Man, described by the media as a "cooler than thou disco cut", is back for 2008, and to great acclaim. LSB and Hardrock Striker have remixed the song for Skylax Records. The result is a new dance floor hit.

Ron and Biddu wrote Voodoo Man and the song was originally released by the Biddu Orchestra. With a strong bassline, Sergio Leone style whistles, choral vocals and funky guitar lines, Voodoo Man is very much in tune with today's dance music scene. The 2008 remix has been released in many countries, including the US, and has received fantastic reviews.

Voodoo Man (LSB Highway to Delight Supermix) has been released on a 12" vinyl disk - the Master of Reality EP. The EP also includes the original instrumental version of Voodoo Man from 1979.

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