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Recorded by Jay R & Kyla

JAYR Elevated

Kyla Journey

'You Are Not Alone', an original composition by Ron Roker- Jez Davies and Jay R, is part of the R&B King's newest album "Elevated" and Kyla's repackaged "Journey" album. After their successful duet hits, 'Say That You Love Me' and 'Back In Time', their latest duet 'You Are Not Alone' has reached number 9 in the MYX video charts.

The official video

Jay R & Kyla collectively are known to their fans as "JayLa," and they are now known in the music industry in the Philippines and Japan as the R&B Royalties (R&B King and Queen, respectively).

The Jay R version is on his LP 'Elevated' available from Itunes and is the most popular download from the album.

The Kyla version is on her extended EP 'Journey' the repackaged version available from Polyeast Records.

Kyla & Jay R performing the song on Pop show MYX Video Charts Hits

Recorded by Diane Shaw Written by Ron Roker - Jez Davies & Marianne Robinson

This great UK soul and R&B singer the fabulous Diane Shaw recorded the song on her latest album available in vinyl and on CD called Love Life & Strings has been receiving great reviews by DJs and played on all soul stations reaching number one in the UK Soul Charts.

It is available in Itunes - Love, Life & Strings

Also, the album was the top selling debut UK Soul Album of 2015 and was #1 in the UK SOUL CHART for 2 weeks and #1 Amazon R&B New Release Chart.

It is available on Amazon - Love, Life & Strings





Recorded by NuBorg

Top Norwegian Singer/Songwriter the beautiful and talented Gunhild Nyborg collaborated with Ron Roker & Martin Sutton at one of Martin Suttons highly successful Songwriting retreats in Spain, run by his "Songwriting Academy"

You You was written by them for her latest album "Sliding Off The Edge Of The World" This Ambient album shows Nuborgs soulful haunting voice off to perfection. The album has been gaining excellent reviews.

The CD is available on Itunes - Sliding off the Edge of the World

Watch the Video on YouTube here.






Ron is currently collaborating with top Danish & German producers and songwriters Frank Ryle and Rob Hardt who as the duo Cool Million have established themselves at the forefront of danceable R&B.

And Ron is also collaborating with UK Jazz Funk team the highly talented "DOGGETT BROTHERS" Greg & Carl Doggett who have new album due out in January next year.

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