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"Ron has funked, popped, souled, rocked, jazzed and kids-songed his way into the charts many times, in many ways. And he continues to do so!"

Songwriter and Producer

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Tiny Tots Toons

Tiny Tots Toons
Farmyard Crazy

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An enduring love affair
with popular music has led Ron Roker to become one of the pre-eminent songwriters and producers of his generation. Ron's songs have been hits for The Fortunes, The Pearls, Jackie Lee, Manhattan Transfer, Dionne Warwick, Tina Charles, Redman and many others.

Collaborating with the best arrangers, writers, producers and engineers has underpinned Ron's success. Ron's great friend, the late Gerry Shury, Barry Blue, Biddu, Colin Blunstone, Phil Dennys, Anne Dudley, Howard Greenfield, Roger Greenaway, Richard Hill, Pete Kelly, Lynsey de Paul, Barry Mason, Simon May, Winston Sela, Geoff Stevens, Phil Swern, Leon Ware and more have teamed up with Ron over the years.

Ron is currently writing and producing for two key album projects, creating new songs for early-learning and pre-school children. Together with the Tremeloes' Joe Gillingham, Ron has written and produced songs for the legendary TV writer, actor Roy Hudd O.B.E. and other leading artists. Ron is also currently co-writing an album of new children's songs with the leading arranger Pete Kelly. The album features Dave Benson Phillips containing songs from the cartoon shows Farmyard Crazy animated by Paul Solomons. See the website for Farmyard Crazy! We are also on You Tube and Twitter!

Looking ahead, Ron hopes to develop more creative collaborations and to write and produce for other artists in this dynamic industry as new ideas and talents emerge.

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